Welcome to the Toronto Assembly

The next twenty years will change our planet radically.


Rising CO2 levels, not seen since the Permian Extinction, threaten life as we know it around the world. You might ask, "Who needs the next great APP on your phone... when climate change is affecting everything?" After all, a huge proportion of the human population is under the age of 40. That means that you will see what the future brings. Most of the worlds "leaders" won't.

Harsh, but true.  Can we belive what they say?  Can we trust that any measures to deal with global warming will be met?  Will we see any REAL solutions presented by the 'captains of industry' or the heads of state?

The bottom line is that we, the people, are going to deal with this issue.  A "Circular Economy" approach is needed.


This is our opportunity to do something REAL.... capture the carbon. Remove it from the atmosphere. Create essential products and goods: food, clothing and shelter.  This is why we call cannabis, The Tree of Life. It is one of the two alternatives that will make a difference over the next twenty years.

ScientificTheory527The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. It should transcend personal God and avoid dogma and theology. Covering both the natural and the spiritual, it should be based on a religious sense arising from the experience of all things natural and spiritual as a meaningful unity. Buddhism answers this description .. If there is any religion that could cope with modern scientific needs it would be Buddhism. (Albert Einstein)
In my view, it is the most important function of art and science to awaken this religious feeling and keep it alive in those who are receptive to it. (Albert Einstein, 1930)
Science has therefore been charged with undermining morality, but the charge is unjust. A man's ethical behaviour should be based effectually on sympathy, education, and social ties and needs; no religious basis is necessary. Man would indeed be in a poor way if he had to be restrained by fear of punishment and hope of reward after death. (Albert Einstein, 1930)

 Just to be perfectly clear, the Church of the Universe is not a religion. It is a universal belief in spirituality. We do believe in spiritual teachings. We do believe that cannabis is the Tree of Life. We hold that the Golden Rule, found in all religions, is the basis of our congregation.   The spiritual teachers did not create religions.

     The time is NOW. As we proceed into the next century it is time to manifest a new global destiny.  All of humanity is here to bring a new era of freedom and prosperity into being for all of us.  The change in consciousness, the rising awareness among millions, upon millions of people everywhere, shows this awareness coming into focus very clearly.  Our scientists, visionaries and futurists are, in fact the real leaders of humanity.
     It is not about fighting the old ways.  It is not about resistance.  It is not about protests or marches or writing letters to politicians, or their news media.  These ways do not work.  It is about taking action.  It is about being the change.

     IT IS ABOUT REACHING OUT, CREATING THE WORLD WE WANT TO LIVE IN.  It is about using our intelligence, our free will, our skills and our creativity.  It is about revealing the inner knowledge we all share.  Together, we fashion the future. Together, our actions create the change we need.  As a People, engaging our rights and freedoms, we bring along everyone around us.  One by one, each of us gives our energy to a better and brighter world.  Join with us in following this path.

Everyone is concerned about global warming ~ aka climate change. CO2 levels have climbed to 400ppm while 350ppm is the tipping point. The scientists and our leaders are "concerned". Discussions have been on the table for years.... decades really. The well-funded deniers are still publishing psychobabble fueled by a strong addiction to oil and petrochemicals. Millions of people are marching in the streets and nothing happens. Nothing much at all.
skygarden527x235Peering into the crystal ball looks a tad gloomy. Can humanity change course in time? Will we do so? As one popular scientist observed, we are pumping more CO2 into the atmosphere than since the Permian Extinction 250 million years ago. My limited understanding indicates that this event was due to mass burning of coal material from eons past. Remember what happened then? 90% of all life on the planet died off. Have we learned just enough to repeat ancient history? Specious arguments abound; as if CO2 levels from the Eocene Epoch 32 million years ago matter to us and our children.
Absent from the entire "debate" are any hard core solutions. Very few of the voices crying in the wilderness are talking about any real way out. Most people believe that "carbon tax" looks like just another money game ~ shuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic. Reductions in emissions are a remote theory. They aren't happening. Canada has missed the CO2 reductions targets.  Cleaning up the mess? "Not my problem", say the corporations whose profits depend on the entire equation. Hippies started Earth Day in 1964. Today 350.org discusses eliminating the burning of coal and fossil fuels. Beyond that, improved land management. The song remains the same.

Spiral GalaxyScience & Spirituality
The more I listen to the scientists, the more they start to sound like the mystics.  They say things that just don't quite make sense to a lot of people.  It is just a little weird to hear the priests start talking about unseen forces, cosmic theories, vast creative and destructive elements at work. We can't really see or touch sub-atomic particles.  We cannot visit the next star.  The closer we get to understanding our universe, the closer it sounds like spiritual knowledge.  Vast unknowable energies are responsible for our universe.  "Things" happened billions of years ago and created our world.  Life arose on our little chunk of rock orbiting our sun billions of years ago. We are just matter from some star billions of years ago. Somehow, we evolved as sentient beings…. what, in order to study all this stuff?
Which still leaves me with two questions?  If ALL of this is the result of blind "chance", what are the odds?  -or-  What is the underlying force that creates ALL this?  The odds seem just a little to astronomical…. an intelligent design seems just a little too convenient.  Still, the question remains:  Where was the singularity before the Big Bang theory?  In the mind of God? In fact, the further one goes, the more mysterious it all becomes. Questions become harder to answer and the high priests and scientists start to argue about who's viewpoint is right.  Watch carefully, this too will change.
Close observation of the natural world starts to reveal all kinds of seriously unusual facts.  The closer we've looked into the structure of the universe, the atomic level, the more it becomes more unreal and far more complex.  Tiny particles, which don't appear to be "particles" at all, make up the larger atomic structure.

Smaller bits of matter or energy make up these smaller particles.  Black holes, dark matter, dark energy.  Right now the mystics of science are looking for a "Higgs-Boson" particle - the "god particle".  This, according to the latest theory, is the most elusive yet and perhaps gives us evidence of WHAT actually holds all of THIS together.  Yet, today, we still cannot quite explain fun and simple things like magnetism and gravity.  Charmed quarks and other deities now inhabit the temple of science along with the heavy duty Higgs-Boson..  Theories about atomic structure have changed and evolved radically.  The next set of theories may indeed unlock the hidden secrets and mysteries of the universe…. kind of like the word of God. May the Force be with You.
Increasingly the same considerations come into play when we consider what the mystics write:  "Emptiness is form.  Form is emptiness." "God is in all things."  I can see the words of the physicists here…. "Whirling atomic fields contain far more space than matter." "All matter is patterns of energy."   Unlike Sanskrit or English, the language used to express scientific  concepts is very precise ~ the language of mathematics.  Yet for those of us who are not initiated, this language is just as mysterious. Hieroglyphics at best. The concepts used to understand the ideas written down are 'hidden knowledge' in the their own right.  Then many of us take such things as articles of faith.  And yes, for some of us, we are perhaps not capable of understanding. (I had a real problem with math beyond geometry. Just didn't quite grasp all the symbols, abstract, negative or imaginary numbers in school.)

Light of Buddha

Recently a new theory of quantum mechanics surfaced.  There are some interesting lab experiments to demonstrate this change in theory.  I suspect that the mathematics behind this theory will soon start to be proven.  Then I have the feeling that this new idea is the next step of our understanding of the universe.  The god-particle Higgs-Boson discovery may lead directly through this new theory to a greater knowledge of gravity, magnetism and light.  Kind of like ~ "Let there be Light." A revolution in physics leads to a revolution in technology.  Our understanding is reaching new levels.  Our understanding has a long way to go.  What is UNDERSTOOD is that humanity is just a little bit like a young child messing around with very powerful and dangerous "toys" we've found.  Intelligence and vision says we evolve, that we WILL make it past this point in history and create a brighter future.  History and experience says that instead we will poison our planet, kill each other off and/or blow ourselves up. A dark view of the future.  A new vision of our potential includes fabulous concepts, new technology, new means of creating all that we need as a species, brilliant advances in all areas with rights and freedoms for all.  
My choice is to focus on the Light side of the equation.  Promote the answers to the problems - solutions to the issues rather than focusing on the issues and problems.  We know what's "wrong" with the direction our planet is headed.  We need a focus on what's "right".  What we think about, what we envision, our core beliefs create our future.  The thoughts we hold are reflected in the very fabric of the universe. Our world is the result of our collective thought form. The message is clear.  
See the world, know the truth, envision your future, take action.     
Peace & Blessings to you all. ~Reverend Ryan
New developments, innovations and changes are coming forward. Join in. Make a difference. Be part of this to help create the future.

~ Reverend Ryan