Welcome to the Toronto Assembly

One Planet - One Race The new year of 2014 will be interesting. We are launching a new project for our community. CannaCorp Canada We are also giving away copies of Never Plead Guilty ~ updated for 2014. Now is the time. Free the Tree of Life.

     The time is NOW. As we proceed into the next century it is time to manifest a new global destiny.  All of humanity is here to bring a new era of freedom and prosperity into being for all of us.  The change in consciousness, the rising awareness among millions, upon millions of people everywhere, shows this awareness coming into focus very clearly.  Our scientists, visionaries and futurists are, in fact the real leaders of humanity.
     It is not about fighting the old ways.  It is not about resistance.  It is not about protests or marches or writing letters to politicians, or their news media.  These ways do not work.  It is about taking action.  It is about being the change.

     IT IS ABOUT REACHING OUT, CREATING THE WORLD WE WANT TO LIVE IN.  It is about using our intelligence, our free will, our skills and our creativity.  It is about revealing the inner knowledge we all share.  Together, we fashion the future. Together, our actions create the change we need.  As a People, engaging our rights and freedoms, we bring along everyone around us.  One by one, each of us gives our energy to a better and brighter world.  Join with us in following this path.

This year, 2014, promises to reveal many more changes. I would like to suggest that the Thrive Movement offers a means of joining together in positive ways. Beyond words & ideas, this group encompasses the 12 areas of human concerns. We have a page set up there under the Toronto Assembly. http://youtu.be/5fbvquHSPJU

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